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Kids Recipes
These fun recipes with few ingredients will keep your kids in the kitchen for years to come! Beware! With titles like Bugs On A Log and Brain Cell Salad, these recipes might not sound appetizing, but trust us, they are delicious!

Calling all Chocolate Lovers!
Your wishes have been granted, your dreams fulfilled. Enter YumYum.Com's "All Things Chocolate" for delicious recipes, suggested readings, lots of fun and links to where you can get more of what you crave.

Cooking Students
Eric Chudler's on-line cookbook is also available for purchase, and makes a fine gift. PSsssst: Eric's recipes are easy, quick, tasty and easy to clean up after. Could you ask for more?

The Cookbook Shoppe
Don't leave the house and mingle amongst the great unwashed! Have your cookbooks brought right to you, at discounted prices. When in doubt, let them eat cake.