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Salads are probably the easiest dishes to prepare--no cooking. The items available for salads are highly dependent on the season, but once they arrive fresh and ripe in the market, the possibilities are endless.

Green Salads

Nothing fancy about this one. Just wash and clean with cold water, cut or tear, and arrange or toss the ingredients. For leafy vegetables, such as spinach or lettuce, it's best to tear, rather than cut, so they won't turn brown. Any or all of the following items can be used:

Lettuce Mushrooms Cheese
Green peppers Broccoli Raisins
Red peppers Bean sprouts Tomatoes
Olives Zucchini Cauliflower
Spinach Alfalfa spouts Croutons
Hard boiled eggs Corn kernels Jicama
Bacon bits Swiss chard Avocado
Celery Carrots Radishes


Most fresh soups are really a hassle and take a lot of time to prepare. Two easy options include doctoring a canned soup or using blended cottage cheese as a soup base.

Doctored Campbells

Any canned soup can be upgraded to a good meal with a little ingenuity. Beef or vegetable based soups work best. Just by adding cubes of cheese, sliced vegetables or diced ham to a can of soup and water, and you have a very filling meal. Add the cheese just before serving.

Creamy Vegetable

This recipe does require a blender. Blend all ingredients until smooth. Add spices (salt, pepper, tarragon, onion powder, etc) and mix again to blend seasonings. Heat the whole mixture over a low heat, stirring constantly until hot (the soup, that is).

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